About Us

The Macedonian Film Agency, established under the Film Industry Law (Official Gazette of Republic of Macedonia No.82/2013), officially began its operation on 01.01.2014 as a legal successor of the Macedonian Film Fund.

Primary objective of the Macedonian Film Agency is to stimulate and support the development of the Macedonian film industry. In order to achieve its goals the Agency aims at providing a continuous support to the production of films of national interest, stimulating international filming co-productions, encouraging expert and professional education of film industry professionals, stimulating the creation of national screenplays, promoting Macedonian Cinematography at renowned international film festivals and events as well as attracting foreign producers by offering them favorable conditions, thereby promoting Republic of Macedonia as a filming location.
The funds needed for the operation of the Macedonian Film Agency are provided from the Budget of Republic of Macedonia and from other sources established by the Film Industry Law.



In order to fund the production of feature films, short films, documentaries or animation films, the Agency in January of the current year publishes a call which lasts during the year and twice a year, in April and in October the Agency decides upon the submitted projects.
In order to fund film industry projects of national interests, the Agency during the current year publishes a call for funding projects which support the writing of screenplays and a call for funding projects for organizing domestic festivals and other film events of national character.
The Agency establishes a Film Council to perform/carry out expert works/duties within the competencies of the Agency as well as to take measures for promoting the film industry, and appoints film reviewers to review the projects submitted at the public call published by the Macedonian Film Agency. In order to evaluate the financial and operational plans and the budget of projects submitted for the call, the Agency appoints a financial advisor. 



The Agency keeps records of film producers, film distributors and of cinema theaters (exhibitors) in Republic of Macedonia, as well as records of films produced with the funds from the budget of Republic of Macedonia, films produced in Republic of Macedonia, films distributed in cinema theaters in Republic of Macedonia and records of films exhibited in cinema theaters in Republic of Macedonia.
In order to protect the minors in Republic of Macedonia from films which may affect their moral, physical or psychological development, the films intended to be distributed in Republic of Macedonia and to be exhibited in cinema theaters, or in any other form of public presentation, must be classified/categorized, in accordance with the content of the film.



The Macedonian Film Agency stimulates investments in the film industry of the Republic of Macedonia, using the right to refund of the invested funds, as stipulated in the Film Industry Law.
The refund of funds is made after the finalization of the filming of the film/television project in the Republic of Macedonia. The Commission for Establishing the Right to Refund determines whether the applicant meets the requirements for obtaining a right to refund. The Commission for Establishing the Right to Refund consists of one Chairperson and four members, appointed by the Government of Republic of Macedonia.