3rd Edition "Giffoni Macedonia"



7- 11 OCTOBER 2015


Let’s fill this world with stories. Happy stories. Sad stories. Love stories. Friendship stories.

And then let’s imagine they are true. Let’s create our own world inside of our real world. And inside that world, let’s create another one, a new one. Because that’s what DAYDREAMING is all about.

Giffoni Macedonia shows you for the third time how to do that. You don’t even have to close your eyes. It’s easier than you imagine. You just sit in a chair, relax and…… you let the movies enchant you. You let them guide you and teach you how to dream with your eyes open. They give you courage and do not let you keep quiet! They open up the doors of the unknown and take you to thousands of new worlds. Go ahead, pick one!

And then, let Giffoni Macedonia guide you once again through that world’s stories and help you find your own inside of it. Because, you, you too, have the most beautiful and unique story. Go ahead, share it with us. We want to hear you and be a part of your stories.

Let us DAYDREAM together.

“Spend your nights sleeping and your days dreaming….”


Participants: 600  juries from Republic of Macedonia


Generator 10+          JUNIORS            200 children      Location: Macedonian National Theatre
Generator 13+          CADETS             200 children       Location: Youth Cultural Centre – MKC
Generator 16+          SENIORS           200 children        Location: Youth Cultural Centre – MKC

Generator +13 and Generator +16 are the two international juries.




International juries: 50 juries from other countries 

Countries: Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Russia, Spain, France, USA and Belgium


"Giffoni Macedonia" 2015 Program

"Giffoni Macedonia" 2015 Film Catalogue

Juries: Giffoni Juniors & Giffoni Cadets and Giffoni Seniors

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