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The Giffoni Story Continues...


In 2013, Claudio Gubitosi, Creative and Artistic Director of “Giffoni Experience” decides for the first time to give the “Giffoni” brand to Macedonia for free, thus entrusting the Macedonian Film Agency with the responsibility and exclusive right to use the “Giffoni” brand and logo on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia.

Over the period of 2013-2015 we have jointly contributed to the success of the story of “Giffoni Macedonia” which through its activities such as the Youth Film Festival “Giffoni Macedonia”, the Giffoni Day, the project Giffoni on tour and other activities under the Giffoni brand enables the cultural growth and development of our young generations.

This cultural product as a combination of a film and educational platform enables the youth to enrich their knowledge of European stories, countries, nationalities, cultures and societies through film, actively uniting the young audiences in a unique driving force – an international jury, tasked with evaluating the films in competition, expanding their experience and education in film and culture through active participation in educational workshops, encouraging multicultural communication among  youth from different countries.

The success of this story and the mutual trust over the past three years has resulted in a continuation of the collaboration between Giffoni Experience and the Macedonian Film Agency, by signing a new three-year Agreement in 2016 (valid until 31.12.2018).

The right to ensure a proper organization of the Youth Film Festival “Giffoni Macedonia” and other activities under the brand in accordance with the Agreement of collaboration is given to the Associations Planet M and Giffoni M.




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