“AMOK” at the prestigious film festival in Pula, Croatia



The Macedonian feature film "Amok", written and directed by Vardan Tozija, produced by Ognen Antov, has been shown on more than 25 film festivals all over the world, and now exclusively at one of the biggest and most prestigious festivals in the region, the film festival in Pula, Croatia, in the huge Pula Arena, as the only selected film from the entire region.

The 60th anniversary of the Pula Film Festival is an extraordinary event not only for Croatian cinematography, but for the entire film region. One of the oldest film festivals in the world, and the festival with the highest average number of viewers per film, which is due to the huge auditorium in the Pula Arena, which is popularly known as the well-preserved amphitheater Vespasian, from the first century AD.