"Hairs" Premiere In Skopje


The short thriller “Hairs”, directed by Eleonora Veninova, produced by Partes and supported by the Macedonian Film Fund will today have its premiere in Skopje within the Festival of European film - Cineays, at cinema “Frosina” at 8 pm.

The story unfolds as detective Wilde investigates the murder of a 7-year old girl, Camellia, with only one piece of pubic hair as solid evidence, and the girl’s father’s behavior as the main source of contradictions and clues. When she discovers that the found hair belongs to a woman, and none other, but a woman that completely matches Camellia’s DNA profile, Detective Wilde starts to wonder: What if the real victim in this case is not the daughter, but the father?

The main roles go to Macedonian actress Irena Ristic and Serbian actor Bojan Zirovic, alongside Sladjana Vujosevic, Marija Arsenkova and Trajce Crvenov.The film already had its premiere at the 2013 International Cinematographers’ Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”, and is envisioned to be part of a feature film project.

As part of today’s festival program the viewers will get the chance to enjoy Biljana Garvanlieva’s “After the Rain”,  the first ever Macedonian documentary film about climate change. The documentary portrays four women, aged between forty and eighty, who work as farmers in Macedonia. The women are from diverse backgrounds— Macedonian, Turkish and Albanian—and each has a very different attitude towards their work on the land. Despite their many differences in attitude, the four women all share the same sky and all of them are experiencing the same fears and challenges that come with climate change. The screening will take place at cinema Frosina, at 7 pm.