"Three Days in September" To Open Festival of European Film - Cinedays


The 14. Cinedays - European Film Festival, which will run November 12-21 under the theme: Hotel CineDays, will open with the premiere of Darijan Pejovski's feature film "Three Days in September".

The festival's rich and exiting film and music program will include a selection of around 100 very best titles of Europe’s and world’s cinematography including a quality offer of music documentaries and a selected choice of Macedonian short films (out of which the following films that are supported by the Macedonian Film Agency: "The Girl Who Falls" by Vladimir Lukash, "Karma" by Vladimir Mitrevski, Pepi & Muto by Georgi M. Unkovski and Round Trip" Mary by Zharko Ivanov) with India and Iran as countries in focus.

The additional program presents an international panel-disscussion on the subject "Migrations" led by professors of sociology, political science and film from the region and Europe.

The festival closes with the premiere of the film "Sishka Delux" a co-production between Slovakia, Macedonia and Czech Republic, directed by Jan Cvitkovic.

 For more details about the festival, please visit www.cinedays.mk